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Sarah Goussé | Miss Bouzy Rouge

October 10, 2014

How do you capture the “journey of musical treats and comical mishaps and meet the sultry yet slightly unhinged French burlesque alter-ego, Miss Bouzy Rouge?” It’s a team effort!

Miss Bouzy Rouge is the alter-ego of Actor/Director Sarah Goussé who I met when testing my Digital Vintage Portrait sessions. She loved the results and asked me to capture poster imagery for her upcoming show. We worked together to come up with a mood board of images and a plan of how we wanted the images to turn out.

Since at the time Sarah hadn’t finished writing “The Misadventures of Miss Bouzy Rouge”, we needed to capture enough variety so that she would have the ability to choose the image that best represented the show. We met up at The Butterfly Club and tried a bunch of scenarios. Sarah was a lot of fun to work with because of how expressive her face is and we got a lot of great options.

Sarah ended up going with the image below for her first showing of  “The Misadventures of Miss Bouzy Rouge” as part of the Cabaret Showcases at Chapel off Chapel. She got Daniel Cordner, an amazing designer, to put together the final poster below. The show is on Monday, November 3rd – get in touch with her if you’re interested in being in the audience!

The Misadventures of Miss Bouzy Rouge

Here’s the original image before poster layout:

Miss Bouzy Rouge | Sarah Goussé - Matt Korinek | Photographer

Sarah is in the process of applying to the Adelaide Fringe – let’s all keep our fingers crossed that she and “Miss Bouzy Rouge” get in! There’s a bunch more photos to share from this shoot, but I’ll save that for another time.

Thanks for having a look!


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