Photography Gear I Use

Although your photography gear is no the most important aspect of getting great images, it can certainly play a role.

In my experience, the best equipment is stuff that allows the technology of it all to get out of your way in order for you to create. Anything that gets in the way of my creative process is poorly designed.

What you choose will be wholly dependent on what you shoot, how you shoot and will ultimately impact your style. Certain looks are only possible with specialist gear, while other imagery can be beautifully capture on an iPhone. Here’s a list of the photography gear that I’ve used in my work.

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Photo Proventure | Canon Photography Gear I Use | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Canon Cameras & Lenses

This is the gear I use most often, because it’s what I use at my day job. I’m using it at least a couple times per week.

Canon has excellent gear that can easily keep up with a rigorous shooting schedule and help you in creating beautiful imagery.


Photo Proventure | Nikon Photography Gear I Use | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Nikon Cameras & Lenses

I chose Nikon when I made the jump to my first Digital SLR. I still use this gear for my own personal projects on weekends.

My wife (and food photographer extraordinaire) uses Nikon gear for her work and we’ve built a kit that suits both my style and her style of photography.


Photo Proventure | Lighting Photography Gear and Modifiers | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Lighting Gear & Modifiers

Although most of my work is in natural light, there are time when I’m forced to use lighting, or choose to do it based on artistic considerations. Here’s a list of the various lighting gear I own or have hired to get a natural outdoor flash look.


Photo Proventure | Camera Support & Lighting Grip | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Camera & Lighting Support

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Photo Proventure | Photographic Bags | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Bags & Cases for Photography Gear

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Photo Proventure | Photographic Accessories I Use | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Other Photographic Accessories

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Photo Proventure | Computers & Tech | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Computers & Tech

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