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Happy Holidays 2015

December 9, 2015
Happy Holidays 2015 | Matt Korinek - Photographer

This will be my last post of 2015.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support and encouragement.

It’s been a big year for me both personally and professionally with lots of highlights and challenges as well.

The Highlights

Getting married to my beautiful and super-talented wife Rachel.

Happy Holidays 2015 | Korinek Wedding | Photo by Mango Studios

Walking along the streets of Toronto on our wedding day. Photo by Michelle Liando/Mango Studios.

Traveling to Fraser Island with my lululemon family on an epic shoot.

Jordana Demos | Fraser Island | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Although I haven’t had a chance to add my best Fraser Island images to my portfolio yet, this is one of my faves.

Fraser Island team | lululemon athletica

Big days. Amazing people. Beautiful images. Trip of a lifetime.

Being commissioned by Asia’s largest independent fitness brand, Celebrity Fitness, for their latest campaign.

Celebrity Fitness | Power to the Girls

My first international commission was such a great experience. The Indonesian people are some of the kindest I’ve ever met.

Working with talented photographers Ed Sloane and Trent Mitchell and getting to edit their work.

Photo by Trent Mitchell, toned by Matt Korinek

This is one of my favourite photos Trent took on shoot that I edited (left). Trent hanging out in the crystal clear waters of Lake MacKenzie (right).

Ed Sloane | Surf Photographer Torquay

I was away when Ed caught this epic sunrise (left) and was lucky enough to get to tone the images. We did end up getting to work together on a rooftop cardio shoot (right).

Spending a day with All Blacks hopeful Lima Sopoaga and photographing his story.

Lima Sopoaga | New Zealand All Blacks | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Getting thousands of views on my Profoto B2 review and having it featured on the Profoto blog.

Profoto B2 Review | Matt Korinek - Photographer

Ranking #1 on Google when people search for “how to take your own engagement photos.”

How to take your own engagement photos | Matt Korinek - Photographer

The Challenges

Your best year yet

What can you do to make 2016 a success?

We are each on our own Photo Proventure. Here’s what I’ve learned from the successes and failures I’ve had so far and ideas of things you can try over the next month and beyond:

  • Take Stock – Look back at your year. Where were you successful? Where did you fall short? Are you still on the right track to make your photography dreams a reality? Reflection is an important part of the growth process.
  • Set BIG goals – When I say big, I mean ones that may seem unrealistic. Sure you might not achieve all of them, but if you work towards big goals will get you further than setting small ones and only achieving those.
  • Unplug – Take the time over the holidays to get offline and be with loved ones. I get into the routine of all of the things that constantly need doing, and so it is a breath of fresh air to let those things go. It actually give me the space to come up with new ideas and projects.
  • Connect – Find photographers/artists who’s work you appreciate and reach out. Sure some may not get back to you, but you may also be surprised! I always appreciate when someone reaches out with kind words.
  • Subscribe – If you live what you’ve seen so far on this blog, subscribe to Photo Proventure where you’ll get the latest blog posts and exclusive content.

And finally…

Get a headstart

Want to get things moving towards achieving your photography and business goals for 2016? Have a look at CreativeLive! They have classes on everything from photo and video how-to’s to money and life classes.

DISCLAIMER: Links to CreativeLive are affiliate links. That doesn’t affect the price of the classes but does mean I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

They currently have a 40% site-wide sale (valid until December 24, 2015). I’ve personally watched and bought classes and have found them influential in my own work.

The classes are for all different levels, so make sure to pick ones that suit where you are in your journey. Here’s the ones that I’ve watched that played a significant role in my development:

I hope that you’ve had an excellent 2015, and that 2016 is even better. If you’re willing to share your own successes and challenges, I’d love to hear about them below.

All the best to you and your loved ones over the holidays!



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  • Reply Doug Arrington December 9, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    Congratulations, Matt, on your marriage and professional achievements this year! Topping them in 2016 will be quite a worthy challenge!

    • Reply Matt Korinek December 12, 2015 at 1:08 am

      Cheers, thanks so much Doug! It will definitely be a worthy challenge; well said. Wishing you success in 2016 as well!

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